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Address: Alameda das Embuias, 323
City: Itatiba/SP
Phone: 011 4524-0550
Fax: 011 4534-7957
Cell: 011 9943-0800
E-Mail: mariaisabelsantos@terra.com.br
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rostoaMaria Isabel Santos’ paintings are inspired by the beauty of nature and it’s vibrant colors and by her attraction to simple, but upscale design, creating an impact, but at the same time balanced.
Her work inspires and conveys joviality, good spirits, paintings that harmonize with their surroundings.

A lush, overgrown rain florests lures with the promise of adventure and likely danger. Every so often huge, vibrant jungle flowers, tropical birds and fruits spout out of nowhere, shocks of colorful respite from the dense darkness. It comes as a surprise that Maria Isabel Santos, an artist who handcrafts her work delicately with all her heart, brought a tunnel at the end of the light, ushering in a welcome, sober change from design’s giddy ride using mere simple elements from
flora and fauna, imposing steel structure, each locale at once beautiful and threatening.

And far from simply painting, her hard work is an art that shows her passion and enthusiasm, it can be clearly seen through the shades and light, it’s a subtle modern and happy touch to the surrounding.

She is proud of the paintings’ unique character, her work has been exhibited as a collection and individually , throughout Brazil. In more than 12 years of her career, the artist has been recognized artistically in Brazil and internationally, currently her art work is desplayed in the U.S.A., France, Italy, England, Canada, Japan, China, Belgium, Mexico, Venezuela, Panama and Colombia.

Isabel has a close partnership with illustrious architects and designers, she has also participated in major events such as ‘Viver Bem’ magazine’s 15th Anniversary Celebration and with the following companies: ‘Spazio Donatelli’, ‘Banespa’ Cultural Space, ‘Arte Aplicada’ Gallery, Campinas Decor , ‘Seo Rosa’ Restaurant, Decor Interior in Americana and others.

The artist participated in classes at ‘Pan-Americana’ school of arts in Sao Paulo (Brazil) from 1.998 to 2.000, decoration course and special paintings course as well.

Artist’s Statement: I paint a work of art that portrays an emotion as opposed to an actual place. I appreciate a painting that haunts me so I never get tired of looking at it and studying it - one that changes with the light, the surrounding, placement, season, and mood. My art work stimulates happy and blissfull emotions.